Garlic the Reliable

Garlic at the end of April

The garlic is looking great, here in unusual shades of green thanks to a bright yellow sunset. They’re doing pretty much the same as this time last year, and the year before. I read somewhere that garlic reproduction from cloves is cloning, so the garlic we’re eating now is genetically identical to the original varieties from thousands of years ago. Dunno, sounds cool and kinda reassuring, even our weird weather doesn’t seem to affect these guys. Gazing over the garlic patch on a warm evening after a satisfying day in the field, it’s almost enough to make me believe that all’s right with the world, and Blue Fox Farm‘s motto, “Farming like there’s a tomorrow” (it’s been running through my head all spring), is just amusingly paranoid wordplay. Maybe… And then I think about filling up the tiny tractor (diesel just hit $1.25 a liter, that’s $4.70 a US gallon, good thing I don’t use much…), and the bizarre weather (from mid-summer conditions in mid-spring, we’re plunging back to way subzero nights in a couple of days), and, well…it’s good to be working in the garden, and the garlic looks great! :)

4 thoughts on “Garlic the Reliable”

  1. My goodness, that is a lot of garlic!
    My autumn sow is doing great guns outside and my spring sown is going in, in a few days weather permitting. It’s spent a month in the bottom of my fridge !
    I’m growing two types this year, a violet and a pink

  2. The garlic you have planted looks great.  What sort of garlic are you planting, Peter planted his to early this autumn and it got to wet. Here the garlic grows over winter.  I wish you a good growing season. The chickens look nice too. I am sure they will lay well in time to sell organic eggs.  

  3. wordplay indeed.
    another saying that popped up for us the other day:
    “Organic Farmers- your guide through reality.”
    What do ya think? :)

  4. Can’t believe how far on your garlic is. Mine is just peeping through and I’m sure your winters are colder than ours here in the UK. But just to cheer you up about the price of diesel – it’s the equivalent of $2.38 (Canadian) a litre here! We’re thinking of getting rid of the car and getting a horse and cart or a couple of pairs of roller skates (LOL).


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