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Chicken check-in

Chickens at three weeks

A week after their arrival, the chickens at three weeks old are doing fine. They settled in no problem, eat like maniacs, drink a lot, and I guess they’re too young to fight, ’cause they’re all getting along. I’ve been cycling through music—a radio is always on in the chickenhouse, to scare off PREDATORS—started with a couple of days of country, then a stretch of classical (they go a little crazy during big, building crescendoes), and now it’s rock (“’80s, ’90s and whatever”…a weird-format local FM station). So far, behavior seems pretty much the same no matter what’s playing—the experiment continues, maybe they want custom mix tapes. And they’re growing. They started off about the same size, but there are definitely some big guys now amongst the White Rock Cornish X, and the Frey’s Special are all at the smaller end, faster-feathering, too (there’s one on top of the waterer). They’re all getting along, but Bob noticed a red pecking spot on one of the White Rocks, so I’m gonna be watching the blending of the breeds: I read that sometimes the WRs get pecked (attacked?) because they’re slower to feather than others… The gang (the posse, the flock!) does keep busy, exploring corners and cracks, piling up and napping in sunlit patches, zipping around, drinking a lot, and of course, eating…

Chickens hanging out

Definitely a lot of eating…

Chickens at feeder

Shades of plump and juicy?

White Rock Cornish X at three weeks

Doing stuff…

Two chicks

Portrait of a pensive chicken…

Portrait of a little chicken




  1. Damn, those are some big chickens! I’m used to seeing dainty little egg layers, I think.
    They are gonna make you some gooood sandwiches in a few months …

  2. I miss raising chickens. They are always so cute at this stage.

  3. Katie

    Great chicken pictures.  Spring is definitely here!

  4. The chicken house looks great. Lots of room for them to roam and be chickens. I found that as they age you can raise the feeders and waterer’s up on patio tiles and concrete blocks to keep the chicks from kicking litter in them as they scratch.

  5. Hey Mike, what are you feeding your chickens, if you don’t mind me asking?  I have 8 one-week old gals, and I am trying to figure out how to feed them more (all?) organically…  Bags of organic feed are crazy expensive…!

  6. Is this your first batch of chickens? I love the music experiment. There was a book written on how sound energies affect the living world around them including animals, land and water. I wonder if your chicks fall asleep with a certain song playing over and over in their heads, or if that is reserved for humans only.
    Dagny McKinley
    organic apparel

  7. We keep a small flock of variety types of pure breed chickens and I have noticed over the years that colour types generally stick together. They don’t have to be the same breed, but if they’re the same colour, they usually don’t fight or peck each other.

    Your chickens are delightful.  It’s wonderful to see them grow.

  8. Wow! I envy how you have jumped right into this. Have you read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver. Have I mentioned this before? I think that you might like it.

  9. those chicks… they are unfathomably large and yet so endearing and cute! morbidly spoken, you will enjoy eating the plump munchkins(in due time, of course). -alec

  10. Michel

    may I suggest that you set up you hanging feeder asap( I saw one in your chickenhouse pic ).you will save feed, time and work. set and maintain the feeder height so that the smallest chicks have to tip-toe to get at the food. this will stop them from sweeping the food ( with their head ) on the bedding

    still there doing that

  11. I love chickens so much!  I can’t wait to get some.

  12. Great pictures!  Looking forward to more stories:)

  13. You might check out an automatic chicken waterer – – for your next batch of chicks — the design is based on a nipple, so you don’t have the poop-in-the-water problem, and there’s absolutely no risk of young chickens drowning in the water.
    Looks like those birds are going to be tasty! :-)

  14. The legs on those chickens are HUGE! Wow. lol

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