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Greenhouse overgrown

Winter greenhouse

The greenhouse is still snowbound. I cleared away the east-side door to get in and check out what’s left to pack up for the new farm move, coming soon! Usually, I do a bit of greenhouse clean-up in the fall, and then around February, prep half the area for some early greens. This time around, I’ll take out the small stuff—there’s tools, the big industrial fan, a few plug sheets, and tons of plastic pots stored under the tables—lots of good gear! The tables will probably be left till March, after the melt-off, when we come for the greenhouse itself. Once the bubble is removed, this little winter oasis will merge into the rest of the field. The pleasantly golden-brown dead stuff is mainly arugula allowed to go wild…



  1. Katie Hobson

    WOW!  That is quite a jungle. Do you find that the arugula takes over and spreads seed when allowed to go wild like this?

  2. That’s what my wild arugula looks like as well — I seeded it in the raspberry patch as ground cover (preferable to weeds) and well, it grows like a weed. Mine is a different variety from the cultivated arugula — it gets tall like that, the leaves are quite thin, and it has a fabulous flavor — like arugula on steriods. But it will take over …

  3. that arugula looks oh so familiar. i have the same look in my greenhouse probably.

  4. Oh, how I wish I had a greenhouse.  I don’t even have enoug land for one. Oh well, I guess that allows me to buy from all the local farmers (if only the farmer’s market ran all winter)

  5. Yikes!  Assuming that you are not anti-plastic (which seems a safe bet since your greenhouse is covered with the stuff) why don’t you put a tarp down on your greenhouse floor?  We did that, and then covered it with a little sand for aesthetics.  Voila, no weeds!

    (Edit: I’m editing this post because you’re cool software allowed me to. I don’t have anything to add, but the ability to edit comments that you’ve posted is just plain cool. High five to whoever made this possible.)

  6. Your green house looks a bit like mine.  Had to wade through 6 inches of mud to get there today.  Last week it was 6 inches of ice.  It will change fast now that the days are getting longer!

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