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New seedling room: doorknobs and AC plugs

Doorknobs and AC plugs

More building the seedling room at the new farm. Bob came by on Sunday, and I stayed on to work solo for a couple of days. This is where we get down to details. What gets me here is the number of PARTS that suddenly come into play near the end. Where initial demolition and framing are really simple, with few tools and materials, now, there’s tons of stuff. Door handle kits, latch kits, electrical receptacles, switches, receptacles covers, electrical boxes for receptacles and switches, door kits, window kits, shims, low expansion foam, screws of different types and lengths, and then there’s quick-set concrete for patching the floor, drywall mud, caulking, paint, and more still to come. It’s interesting how the convenience of buying endless products eventually takes over, even when it’s rough carpentry, in a barn! OK, I’m going on a bit, it’s not all that complicated. Guess I’ve got FINISHING THE SEEDLING ROOM on the brain as the calendar flips…

Insulation in

Anyhow, the insualtion is now going in—that’s quick—and as soon as plywood is on the walls, I’ll be able to start setting up! You can see on the left of the photo the handy twin 250w indoor/outdoor halogen lights-on-a-stand, lighting the scene—last gig, they were lighting the barnyard for rinsing beets and carrots after dark… :)



  1. That is some tight fitting insulation in your seed room, It is going to be nice and cozy in there. I am getting excited to see all the plants growing in there.

  2. Wow that looks posh!  But taking the time and effort now will give you the rewards of a good environment to work in plus lowering your heating costs.  It’s fascinating seeing the new place take shape, many thanks for letting us watch Mike.

  3. Art Blomquist

    Wow, this scene looks more than vaguely familiar. I am just putting the finishing electrical on my shop. Really interested in the progress your making. I have something similar in mind. What are you planning on using for lighting?

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