Free-range chicken

Colonel Saunders on the tractor

Guest post by Shannon: This is our pet chicken who is named Colonel Saunders. He almost died in the chicken house a couple days ago so we rescued him. He’s very dramatic and plays dead (but not on demand). He’s very chill and doesn’t give us any problems. Mike thinks the colonel has some brain damage due to a recent stroke but I think he’s smart. He gets to live on his own, with lots of space, we feed him whenever he asks (by tapping incessantly on his food dish), and he hangs out with us while we work. I dyed his top feathers yellow with dandelion flowers so we could tell him apart from the rest.

The Colonel at home

5 thoughts on “Free-range chicken”

  1. I just found your site today and am really impressed with your style and content.

    We have a hen like Colonel Saunders…but I recently convinced my girlfriend to just call her #6 in case we want to put her in our bellies someday.

  2. What a healthy and cute chicken you have. I remember my 3 chickens when I was in Elementary and I cried so badly in my birthday when I go home because my father kill and cook them for my visitor huhuhu.

  3. We have a dozen of chicken in our backyard, they call “ayam kampung” in indonesia, yes thats my country.
    in past 2 weeks, we mix their food with some organic fertilizer that my friend send me. it’s  made from waste materials of herbal medicine manufacturers (actually used for crop)
    and the result is amazing, their weight is incresing is amazing, the fertilizer is works good, perhaps like spinach for Popeye.
    you should try it with your colonel Saunders.

  4. I love what you post there. This is a good one and I love the comments too. Thank you for sharing this one. Chicken is still the best pet for me.


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