Latest tomatoes

Latest tomatoes

Some of the last-started tomatoes. This was a first-time experiment with starting toms in 200-cell plug trays, also, starting as close to last frost date as seemed reasonable. You can get a lot going in a little space, but they won’t fit in there for long. (Gotta admit, this photo’s a bit of a placeholder in my post-a-day plan. With the sudden fantastic weather, and my first full-time all-around helper in the garden just arrived—energetic, enthusiastic, no microfarming experience—I was totally immersed in fieldwork and FORGOT TO SNAP a slice of today’s main action. Tomorrow’s another day!)

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  1. Dear latest tomato

    We are doing a project on tomatoes and want to know what photosynthesis is.
    If you have the answer please e-mail us back.!!!

  2. Do you have to transplant your plugs before they get true leaves?  I am trying to figure out why my plugs seem to die off before they get true leaves.  I am in a greenhouse too, so maybe they want more water than just 2 to 3 times a day.  Any suggestions?

  3. Stacy

    You could transplant before the leaves appear, but the plug may not hold together when you remove it. 

    If you are having to water 2-3 times per day , your green house may be too hot.  1 watering per day  would be ideal. Subsequently you could be over watering them and the roots are not getting enough air.

  4. Hi there,

    I am a start up gardener that is doing a type of CSA system this coming year. My biggest challenge at this point is to figure out how much of each thing to plant. I have around 1/2 acre at the moment that is tilled and ready. I am looking at maybe 15 members this year. Last year I had 7, but just planted things to try them out as it was a new plot and new land.

    Any help would be appreciated! I live down by Orangeville btw, not too far from you.



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