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Lead bean, Part 2

Broad bean gets bigger

I ended up putting the sprouted fava beans in a pan of water, instead of discarding them after the mini-germination test, and put the pan on a south-facing windowsill. A few days ago, a little natural selection happened: the pan got knocked to the floor, and the kinda brittle main root snapped on three of them, leaving only the biggest, healthiest one in one piece. I put it back in the pan… Amazing what a plant can do, in a few days, with nothing but water and some sun. Tiny hydroponics!



  1. Anna

    I just really love your site! What a beautiful picture.

  2. Beans are fantastic! Never underestimate them (as I did with my runner beans called ‘Enorma’ – but I think we’ll be able to coexist :)   )

  3. Have you ever looked into sprouting as feed for your chickens? I am going to look into that. It would be great for them to have some good greens at this time of year!


  4. Noname

    Wow its like magic just staring at a plant grow.
    I germinated my seed the other day and in two days it got all wrinkly, is that normal? This picture really  helped with my project

  5. Brittney

    Plants are so facinating. This website is amazing it helped alot with my
    plant at home.

  6. growing beans

    glad i stumbled upon your site. it is very informative and one can really learn a lot by reading your blogs.

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