Lead bean, Part 2

Broad bean gets bigger

I ended up putting the sprouted fava beans in a pan of water, instead of discarding them after the mini-germination test, and put the pan on a south-facing windowsill. A few days ago, a little natural selection happened: the pan got knocked to the floor, and the kinda brittle main root snapped on three of them, leaving only the biggest, healthiest one in one piece. I put it back in the pan… Amazing what a plant can do, in a few days, with nothing but water and some sun. Tiny hydroponics!

7 thoughts on “Lead bean, Part 2”

  1. Have you ever looked into sprouting as feed for your chickens? I am going to look into that. It would be great for them to have some good greens at this time of year!


  2. Wow its like magic just staring at a plant grow.
    I germinated my seed the other day and in two days it got all wrinkly, is that normal? This picture really  helped with my project

  3. glad i stumbled upon your site. it is very informative and one can really learn a lot by reading your blogs.


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