The great WARM outdoors!

First really warm day of the year!

Ahhh, yes, THIS is what warm weather feels like! For the first time this year, the temperature topped 60°F (15°C), with a hazy sun and a gentle breeze. We’ve had some melt-off days already, but this one tastes like spring! Usually, there’s a day like this sometime in February, so it’s been a long time coming, and makes me wonder how even crazier the rest of the weather will be. No worries…today feels great.

The photo is a good to-do list for when real spring comes and the ground is dry enough to work and get around on. There’s a jumble of spare lumber taken from the barn when we cleared an area for the new seedling room—it needs to be sorted and stacked, and some of it will be the new chickenhouse! (Only patches of snow are left on much of the land, but I’m sure it’ll be back before it’s really gone.) The abundantly overgrown grasses that partially surround the barn and border the moldboarded garden areas is a big clean-up job. And, up the slope, the Kubota compact tractor calmly waits for after the hired-big-tractor disking and the compost spreading, when we do the final tilling of the garden beds. Coming soon. Cool!

3 thoughts on “The great WARM outdoors!”

  1. It was -25c this morning, and the snow is just starting to melt around the re-tired garden. Your pics gives us hope..

  2. Yes!

    We had one of those days too, on Sunday. The day after that one it snowed.

    I spent my spring day tearing out Pachysandra and throwing it on our brush heap. Then I put it on Freecycle, just to see, and in the meantime eight people have already come to pick out the good ones. Who knew!


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