Lettuce pops!

Lettuce seedlings first pop

“Pop” isn’t the most elegant, poetic word, but that’s what I thought the first time I noticed how plants can suddenly shoot up overnight. It’s feels like magic, especially when you’ve been obsessively focused practically hour by hour on their progress, as I was in my first year of farming. Crops are growing slow and steady, then you turn around for a minute and they’re suddenly transformed: bigger, more vibrant colors, next level! As if they POPPED into a new form, like in a cartoon. Plants can pop right through their growth, from when they’re tiny seedlings (some, like corn and pole beans, grow so fast in the field that you can imagine staring at them for a while and being able to actually see them grow). It might not seem like much to look at, but to the watchful eye, these lettuces just popped. Nice!

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