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May salad

May salad

[From 18-May-2013] No food styling, just salad! The first grown-this-season greens – romaine, butterhead, oakleaf/salad bowl letuces – picked by raiding half-grown plants for a few leaves apiece. Dinner.



  1. What a beautiful green salad! I love your blog, thanks for all your delicious post!

  2. The fresh salad grown from own garden by oneself, i can imagine the satisfaction and relief.

  3. The salad looks great! I can tell from the picture that it’s organic and there are no chemical boosters used to grow it. I also like to grow lettuces all year long, except for the summer, because they don’t thrive in such a hot weather.

  4. You cant beat organic, one day i hope all fruit and veg can be organic

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