More books arrive

More books arrive

No matter how digital things get, books arriving by mail is always…a treat! I did download the ebook version of The Intelligent Gardener over a week ago, it’s now on laptop and smartphone, but still wanted the hardcopy…and now it’s in my hands. Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture was an impulse buy, browsing Amazon is pretty much like being in a bookshop: lots of temptation. Anyhow, print matters! :)


4 thoughts on “More books arrive”

  1. ha! I had just ordered Intelligent Gardner and have been reading about Sepp (mostly via and Paul Wheaton).

    My other latest reading has been re-mineralizing the earth. “Bread from Stones” and The Ideal Soil (Astera) are current reads.

    Also, a great find, look up Korean Natural Farming (there is a free download over at

    It puts the life back into your soil.

    • Timing is everything! :) I’m quite excited. I guess I’ll try and explain it more in a post, but I’ve been kind of avoiding a more soil science approach for a while – running into this particular book at this time sparked a bit of a change in thinking for me. Haven’t started reading the Sepp Holzer book yet. I did quickly check your Master Cho link but couldn’t find a download – I have to go back and read more on the site.


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