New year, new farm!

Morning sun

It’s a new day rising in a new year, perfect timing for Tiny Farm Blog to officially become a tale of TWO (tiny) farms: where I started out on this surprise growing adventure six seasons ago, and what comes next. There’s a long and complicated story here, not without its drama and prickly points, but luckily, all that is really beyond what TFB is about, so I don’t have to go into it here! Yay. The new situation is as much of an unusual and unlikely set-up as the current one was unexpected, a more or less instant meeting of minds. There were more, well, logical options, but this feels right. It’s very real tiny farming, with all of the hard (though fun!) work and financial challenges to face, PLUS, the prospect of a whole new start-up in the field…which is the really exciting, critical part.

The new farm is just down the road, only about 30km (19mi) away, but with the many lakes in between, getting there by road doubles the distance. I won’t lose touch with the PEOPLE I’ve come to know and the friends I’ve made, but it means a complete change in my I-don’t-drive local. The garden and facilities are also nearly starting from scratch. I’m going from a farm refined over several generations for this one purpose—a fantastically practical agricultural infrastructure, you could say, with Bob a living part of it, carrying forward a couple of centuries of classic farm maintenance skills—to loosely tended hay fields and a small, bare barn.

I guess for me it comes down to challenge, perseverance and a self-test (although I really don’t like…testing!!): How transferable is the “tiny” spirit, how much have I REALLY learned, and how far can tiny farming go, without becoming just another small business (let alone, just another mortgage payment)? I’ll include more details of the old and the new, as they fit. In any case, this should make for interesting times on the blog. As I understand it so far, tiny farming is about growing, about people as much as crops, and it’s about change… Let’s see what happens! :)

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  1. It’s been a real education watching you grow and develop your skills and techniques over the last few years.  Thank you so much for taking the time to regularly update, build the wiki and Tiny Farm Forum, all of them are regular stops for many of us.  I wish you every success in your new endeavor!
    It puts me in mind of a line from an old Spirit of the West tune…

    “Well the horizon didn’t seem to be getting any closer,
    And it made me start to wonder,
    If it all might be in vain,
    But then I began to understand,
    Horizons don’t get closer,
    Rather you extend them further,
    Every time we make some change,
    Now I’m out there swimming in the waves of change”

  2. happy new year mike! this is so exciting. it’ll be great to read how things go when starting from scratch – that’s about exactly where we are on our farm! did the farm-tour idea ever materialize? do keep me posted – perhaps someday in the spring/summer ryan’s family and you could come for lunch. is the new farm more our way? (north? we’re between bobcaygeon and fenelon). all the best.

  3. Congratulations! What a great way to begin 2009. Every new path that we travel brings excitement, anxiety and wonderful new adventures. Looking through the past posts on this blog, it’s very clear just how far you’ve come. It will be fun to watch as this new part of your tiny farming experience unfolds and changes.  Best wishes for much joy in 2009.

  4. Farming (tiny or otherwise) is not for sissies nor for the faint of heart.
    But you know that already.

    Always ride the horse in the direction it’s going
    May God bless & keep you in your new endeavor.

  5. Oh how exciting Mike! I wish you well in your new venture and seeing how things go in the next year. At least you’re not going to it completely green, but can put all your hard-won expertise into it.

    See – I am still reading :)

    Here’s to a great New Year!

  6. Congrats on the new Tiny Farm! Perfect way to start the new year, with a new farm to get to know and understand with all its rhythms.  It is something that I am sure will be truly yours, seeing it grow from the start.  :-) Excited for your new undertaking :-)

  7. best wishes to you for your new adventure… will like taking a clean slate and build on it as you want …….using all the many lessons you learnt on your “tiny farm”
    i really enjoy your blog and the photos

  8. Ohhh good for you!  I must say it scares me to even think of moving, expanding, or otherwise change in general.  I’m glad you are of the adventurous spirit so I can enjoy through your eyes instead of my own…Kim the whimpy farmer!

  9. Hoorah!  I have been following your blog for the last year, and I am impressed and inspired by your enthusiasm and stick-to-it-ness.  Best of luck in your new endeavour.
    A very tiny farm wanna-be.

  10. As a tiny farmer myself working 5 acres in North Texas, I embrace the evolution and finger on the pulse that occur whether we plan them or not. I am making a leap to a larger venue, 100 acres, while hoping to retain the tiny farm mentality.

    I’ve been ready for hours to catch up on all your musings. It’s such a treat share your seasons.

    Good on ya…Shaman in a Straw Hat.


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