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Winter farm desk

Winter desk

This is my winter desk. It’s the same year-round, but for most of the year, the warmer, outdoors part, it’s just a chair in front of a computer where I pop in to check stuff. In the winter, it becomes a mildly monkish workstation, a place to be a bit of a modern DIY scholar and scribe… To someone who’s loved books and reading from way early on, the Web is a completely over-the-top place. Billions of people surf around, but I wonder how many have a first-hand inkling of HOW MUCH STUFF IS REALLY IN THERE. It has EVERYTHING, just kinda piled up, like an endless, fantastically-stocked, 24/7 garage sale of ideas to put in your head. I don’t know if it’s ultimately a good thing, this type of extreme abundance, but it sure is interesting. And great for looking into things. So, I spend a good deal of winter time online, much of it related to farming. I bookmark a lot, and save (as in, download) pages that I think I should have around if the Net somehow went away. I seldom print, or take many notes on the computer, steno pads are perfect for all that, writing things out helps keep the volume manageable. And that’s about it, the modern, simple (but tech-entangled), tiny farming research station. Handy…! (Bonus game: What makes this not just any computer station, but a GARDEN station? Can you spot the soil thermometer? :)



  1. I like! I too am a reading/book/research addict, and having all the resources on the web makes for many many bookmarks, every time something sparks my attention.  I keep seeing new ideas for recipes, seed saving, planting, preserving, and can’t help myself because, as you said, it is not only interesting, but like a world opening with all kinds of ideas that somehow flow from a single page/stem.  The bookmark bar/folder is always disorganized, no matter how I try.  Do you find that you use all the items you bookmark, or that they become just another addition to the pile?

  2. granny miller

    Mike –
    I too adore the research aspect of the internet.
    One keyword leads to a link – that leads to another link – that leads to a journal article – that leads to something else….and first thing you know, it’s time for bed & I accidentally let the fires go out because I was so engrossed :-)

  3. Mike,

    Your command station looks too familiar ha ha.  At least it isn’t burying the dining room table, causing disgruntled family members to complain. I love it!


  4. I’ve got so much stuff saved and bookmarked but I have to write it down to retain it. That legal pad becomes my brain..


  5. I think (and hope) the Net is here to stay, and besides, if the Net went away the power would probably be at risk too, and how would we use our computers then? Naah, I say we keep both ;-)

    Is that flowers in your cup?… :-|

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