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Peas appear

Sugar Ann sugar snap peas

The first peas suddenly popped. A bit of welcome action in the field, amidst all the dryness and slow germination. These are Sugar Ann snap peas, edible pod. There’s 1000′, double rows, 3-4″ row spacing. They’re coming up well in stretches, but a lot haven’t yet appeared. Well, there should be some real rain tonight! On the right of the pic, a fine example of PIGWEED doing its stuff as well, keeping pace with the gardening effort all on its own. (Yes, lying on your stomach in the dirt is the easiest way to get the macro centered on these little guys!)



  1. Katie

    What we won’t do for a good picture!

  2. Philip

    I have ejoyed your blog very much. i look forward to your future posts

  3. Laura

    Wow. So jealous. We should have had peas weeks ago, but I’m too cheap to rent a rototiller, and it keeps raining/snowing/hailing, and I’ve been stuck traveling for work. I just want to reach through the computer and smell those beautiful sprouts. Keep it coming!

  4. How do you keep the squirrels from digging up your peas? Help

  5. Great photo!  love that young green color.  I feel like I”m right on my belly taking that picture with you : )

  6. What a great photo!! A whole different perspective. I’ll have to try this myself.

  7. gorgeous photo…thanks for your inspiring blog.

  8. I think peas are some of the most hopeful of all the new shoots.   So powerful and hopeful.   I’ve yet to see any peas but with this morning’s light frost I was glad for any germination to remain underground

  9. Don’t you just love it when they start popping up. It’s just such a sign of the season being off to a good start! Looking good!

  10. They Grow

    My peas look just like that!

    Isn’t life great?

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