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Planting the rain gauge

Planting the rain gauge

The field is way dry enough to till, so it’s time to get on the rain watch (yeah, and like as not there will be some snow in there)! Picked a new spot, just for variety, and set out the rain gauge once again. Hopefully it won’t fill up, then freeze and explode in some freakish lotsa-rain-then-cold-snap-all-in-one-night event. The 2×2 that it’s mounted on is starting to split from being pounded, so rather than change it at the moment, I only went down about a foot till it hit real resistance, and then shored it up with some rocks that were conveniently collected right there. Good for now, and probably all season! No effort wasted for real is my motto for the year. :)



  1. So glad to see you posting again. BTW that is the biggest rain gauge I’ve ever seen! Ours only holds 6″ of water. Thats just 15 something or others in metric. Kilometers?


    • Hey Kevin, good to see you have a firm grip on the metric system! :)

    • Yes, I think so, too! They are actually handpicked rocks for weighting down row cover, which is why they were conveniently nearby. Heavy little prizes, just the right size.

  2. California Callie

    Find a good rocks to make it firm.

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