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Garlic rising

Garlic in early April

The garlic really pushed up in the freakishly summery end-of-winter days, already around 6″ high. Don’t recall exactly how far ahead they are—there may be pics on the blog from this time in past years, I haven’t checked—but this is pretty big early growth. I’ve been wondering about deer tucking in as they are about the greenest thing around at the moment, but it seems they’re not to the deer’s taste. And they’ve done fine through a couple of -5°C/23°F nights, and a bit of snow. So it’s so far looking good for the first crop up this season!



  1. So lovely to see something so green at this time of year! We’re just today weathering another snowstorm, but spring will be here to stay soon and at least I have my seedlings started indoors to give me a happy glimpse of photosynthesis in action. :)

  2. Chris

    My garlic is at about the same stage – but the hard frosts have turned some leaves yellow and droopy! Now my concern is if we will get enough rain, it’s been unusually dry this spring, after a very wet fall (London, ON)

  3. I’m in London, too. Garlic was 6″ high 3 weeks ago. Freaked me out a bit, but I know garlic take take some frost, and it seems to be coming through fine.

  4. Jon

    Looking great! deer have never gone for alliums in my experience, you should stay safe!

    • That’s good to know. I didn’t think they would make a tasty target, compared to something like lettuce. But the local deer did eat some brassicas left at the end of the season, they hadn’t touched them until then, so I am overall wary. Row cover to protect leafy veg, and light net fencing, are unfortunately in this year’s plan. And I am asking around about deer vs veg garden behavior. I will post about it…soon. Thanks for the info!

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