Snow load watch

Snow buildup on the Milkhouse roof

Time once again to keep an eye on the snow build-up on the Milkhouse roof. From the last two year’s experience, this shouldn’t be a problem. Still, it bears watching, because of all the heavy ice formation lately, including the extra load that slides off the much steeper barn roof. There hasn’t been that much snow, and usually, between wind and the radiant warmth of sunny days, this roof has cleared. But the crazy amount of sub-freezing cold this year has left a thick, dense, icy, layered crust that’s a little more of a concern. Hope it doesn’t get to the point where I have to clear it! A day of warmth and rain is forecast for Monday. That ought to fix things for a while. Count on climate change! :)

4 thoughts on “Snow load watch”

  1. I just wanted to say I admire you for coping with ‘proper’ snow. Here in N. Ireland, if it gets a little icy or heaven forbid, snow falls our whole country crawls to a stand still. We just don’t know what to do, especially where we live (by the sea). Kudos to you!!

  2. Annie: Luckily, I haven’t had to do much greenhouse clearing, probably because the one here is inflated (two layers of plastic, with a squirrel cage fan), so the sides are kinda rigid and the snow slides off. In general, better safe than sorry, for sure!

    inadvertentfarmer: Yeah, I’m still in  “pretty” mode, too, enjoying all the frozen wonders, for now. It’s been so cold, it’s hard to imagine we’re only in mid-December, it feels like winter’s been around forever…

    Carrie: Believe it or not, that’s what happens every year in cities around here, especially after the first big snowfalls, car accidents skyrocket. You think we’d get used to it. And I just heard that in neighboring province Quebec, they made it LAW to have winter tires on your car, because of ice- and snow-related accidents. That’s crazy. I’m not sure if they fine you or what, I’m not going to bother to look… It’s easier to deal with things practically when you stay on the farm! :)


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