Drive shed clean-up continues

Drive shed clearing out

You can see the back wall! The fairly massive, once-in-a-century farm clean-up continues, and the two-floor drive shed, home of a million parts and pieces of not-junk, is an action center. I can’t imagine how one could capture a real feel for all of the stuff that was in there, you had to poke around and experience it first-hand. It was literally packed to the rafters with EVERYTHING. There were all sorts of shelves, racks, parts drawers, crates, boxes, a couple of decommissioned fridges used as storage, stuff hanging off endless nails and hooks, and much of it in murky half-darkness. All of that is being slowly and carefully peeled away. The superficial mess of tiny farming gear from a couple of weeks back is long sorted out. And as cluttered as this one corner still looks, that’s nothing compared to what was there even a few days ago. What impresses me now is not seeing, but FEELING the amount of life and time it’s taken to accumulate all of this, through having built and fixed so many things, with unexpected parts and tools that’ve magically appeared out of there. This is the history of a generations-old family farm recorded in its spare parts, methodically being unravelled… The whole clean-up is fascinating and kinda awesome to observe, in a low-key, mildly melancholy, wheels-keep-turning way… Life on a farm!

Drive shed getting bare

3 thoughts on “Drive shed clean-up continues”

  1. So when you bought the property all the buildings were full of the previous owners things? How fascinating!! My house is too new to find anything cool hidden away :-(

  2. This is interesting, because we have exactly the same barn(s) on our farm (!), and I know for a fact (because he told me) that it’s a direct result of  Dad having farmed during the early part of the 20th century, when tools and parts and stuff were just not available.   His barns are semi-organized, and absolutely packed to the rafters with useful stuff.   


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