The goats

Goats and hay

Haven’t been paying much attention to the goats lately, so I checked ’em out for a while this morning. They have absolutely no problem with the cold, eating hay and hanging out pretty much as usual. Of course, serving them is a lot more work when it’s freezing, lugging buckets of hot water from the main barn, since the pipe to the convenient goat barn tap is frozen. I did goat chores for a winter, but right now, it’s Bob’s thing. Oh, well. :) This gang of girls has had the same line-up for the last couple of years, and some I’ve known since birth… Familiar faces. A couple even have names…


2 thoughts on “The goats”

  1. We are down to just one lonely goat, a pygmy.  All of our have been strays so she is the last remaining.  I think this spring I might actually go look to get some more…unless the humane society calls me again, lol!

    Great picture of yours! Kim

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