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Steel in the field


The steel and plastic for a 108’x30′ double-walled hoophouse, just delivered to the field. Up before snow falls? That’s the plan, but it’s only 50:50, depending on the weather.



  1. BobKing

    Morning- Found your site and am studying it as an example. I have 6.1 acres I am trying to learn to work. I love everything I have been reading. Who are you? You are in Canada? I wish you were closer. I got started late, just figured out how to till up the 100′ 4′ wide beds with my little Kubota, sod buster blade and rototiller. Am putting up my first hoop house over the winter, 30′ x 50′. I wish I could have started 10 years earlier.

  2. Always about the weather, the equalizer in farming that has it’s humbling moments that you have no control over. Like your posts and glad I stumbled onto your stream.

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