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Strolling on the new field

Frozen North Field

With the sun setting on a long day of packing and unpacking, we took a walk along the frozen ridges of the moldboard-plowed fields. The plowing, custom work by the organic beef and grain farm down the road, happened on the very last two of days before the snow and cold took over last November. The timing couldn’t have been luckier. One big step towards the new market garden. Well, after all the waiting and work-up, it feels great to be here!



  1. I’ve been gone awhile and must have missed the new farm announcement. How big is the new tiny farm? And belated congrats!

  2. That is beautiful…like a blank canvas to an artist.  I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Kim

  3. I’ve been watchin your site for a few weeks now, and I’ve enjoyed seeing some of the photos from last year’s harvest, as well as looking in on your preparations for the new season, and the move to your new farm. Here’s to hoping you have a good year.

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