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Tiny farm moving – Part 4

Assorted transplants in buckets

When you’ve seen one 20-foot trailer loaded with tiny farm gear, you’ve seen ’em all?! Well, something like that… Headed back to the old farm today for the final move, and the only photos I ended up taking were of three buckets crammed with dug-up transplants:  thyme, oregano, sage, chives, lovage, tarragon, rhubarb… It’s enough for a small herb garden start—we’re growing new herbs from seed, and may get some seedlings as well—but the feeling of continuity is cool. As for the rest of the load, it was mainly the dismantled farm stand (that is, lots of wood), more spare wood, and a few more hoses. The only more exciting item: the trusty old snowmobile trailer that serves as an all-purpose giant garden cart! And the move is complete…



  1. I was thinking about the Tiny Farm and your move yesterday, the weather was beautiful and I was hoping to read about how the move was going.  I’m glad you were able to bring some plants to transplant, more of life started at the other farm moving into the new.

  2. Congrats, Mike….that’s one of the hardest parts I found about moving….being between two places! At least you now have all your equipment and materials in one place!


  3. how did your sage managed the winter? mine is (compared to last year) looking dead. but i am not sure. leaves are cold bitten and dry but i am not so sure about the stems. last year it was pretty warm and it stayed green all winter long.

  4. Welcome back, my friends | How to make a Vegetable Garden

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