The refractometer has arrived!


Yep, the refractometer has arrived by mail! It’s quite exciting. This one is calibrated for the Brix scale—it indicates the amount of sugar and other dissolved solids in water. Drip a couple of drops of juice from the veg of your choice onto the screen, point at light, and peer through eyepiece to find out how nutrient-dense it really is (it’s a tool to see if we can measure results from this season’s remineralization plans). As easy and meaningful as it sounds? Well, we’ll see!

5 thoughts on “The refractometer has arrived!”

    • I got this one. I looked at Lee Valley’s and a couple of others and picked this for convenience – I’m assuming any at around this price, $50, will be similar. This one “has a built-in automatic temperature Compensation system from 0 to 30 degrees C so your brix readings wont be skewed by temperature,” which I believe refers to otherwise having to convert for measurements taken at a temperature other than the original calibration temperature of the instrument, not sure if that’s pretty standard. (I’ll be clearer on everything when I start using it. :)

  1. By measuring the bending of light through the refractometer (in degrees Brix),
    you can determine fluid concentrations. The newly launched refractometer will be better to use and give right measurement.

  2. Okay, that’s one of the ones I’ve been looking at. How have you liked it? Have you had a chance to play with it enough yet?


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