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The View in early August

Market garden in early August

Here’s the long view for early August, notably GREENER than it was around the same time last year. I like the scene from up here, at the top of the gangway going into the upper level of the barn: distant, peaceful strips of green, row upon row… ;)



  1. it’s beautiful mike! congratulations on another season. actually saw ya at the lindsay farmer’s market a few weeks ago but didn’t say hi cos you were already surrounded :)  see you soon tho i’m sure!

  2. Wow. It must rain where you live. We haven’t significant rainfall in over two months. Typical for our summers — hence our current stress over our defunct well.

    BEAUTIFUL TINY FARM! (Which doesn’t really look that tiny — maybe because I know how much work is involved in an operation even of that size?)

    Happy farming!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous view! You tend your farm very well. What brand of tractor is that parked out there?

  4. A beautiful picture!  I’ve been enjoying following your season as my own progresses a bit south down here in California…
    Question:  I’ve linked to your blog from mine, and was wondering if you could return the favor?  My farm’s pretty tiny at 1 acre, so I think it meets your criteria…

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