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Summer days

Driving back from CSA drop-offs

For a the better part of most days for the last couple of months, this, the return view from dropping off Monday CSA shares, has been the Weather. Cloud and rain. There are occasional sunny days. I haven’t been keeping accurate count, but that can’t be far off. We’ve several times enjoyed 2″ (5cm) of rain in a week. I haven’t thought about hoses in weeks, except when moving them out of the way to mow down prolifically multiplying weeds on the garden paths. On the way to the Saturday farmers’ market, I barely glance at the pond to check the level (the pond is out of the way down near the highway, most easily seen when driving by). This summer, water has not been a problem!



  1. Robin @ Seasons Eatings Farm

    We managed to get the last 300 broccoli seedlings transplanted before the rain started again.  Cabbage, cauliflower and the rest will have to wait til the soil has time to drain again before they can be transplanted.  It just won’t quit this year.  We mowed weeds last night and this morning.  Next year will be better.

  2. I can relate to the rain but with the past few years being so dry I am not complaining. This weather should do wonders for the trees, water levels and the water table of chores.

    I left a weeding bucket out for a week and ended up dumping about 14″ of water out of it. Like you said, it has been great not having to drag the hose around!

    Check out my veggie garden blog:

  3. green blog

    Well at least with this kind of weather, we can look forward on the positive note such as having more fertile and moist soil. Usually I’m always prepared for this with good drainage at my farm so it’s never been a problem in the first place.

  4. growing beans

    It is good to have rain during summer. It takes off the heat.

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