This year’s pumpkin haul

Assorted pumpkins

This season didn’t see too much pumpkin action in the garden, with less planted than in the past (although we’ve never planted A LOT).  Mixed with winter squash in a couple of locations, the spread-out pumpkin patch added up to somewhere around 50’x50′ (15x15m), about half of the usual, enough for 3 weeks of CSA, plus some for the farmers’ market. The selection was to-the-point as well, with lots of the freakishly fast-growing Neon (60-80 days!), a few Connecticut Field, and some compact Small Sugar for pie and Snackjack for seeds, all basic mildly-ribbed-and-orange, without the  unusual extras of most other years. True to past form, the hybrid Neons, even the ones transplanted quite late in June, completely ignored the mysteriously weird conditions this summer that slowed down just about everything else. Here, loaded on the trailer, is about half of the overall harvest. No intriguing pumpkin surprises, still, EVERY successful harvest is ALWAYS worth a high-five, therefore, officially fun… :)

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  1. Neat images of pumpkins. It is so comforting to know where the food you eat came from…knowing it was not gased, waxed, or involved in genetic engineering to make it look better, grow bigger but that maybe rearranges your family’s chromasones in the process.


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