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Pumpkins in!

Pumpkin harvest

Brought in our compact collection of pumpkins today, ahead of likely frost this weekend. Never been big on pumpkins as far as quantity, but they are fun to have around. This year, some standards like Connecticut Field, a bunch of Small Sugar pie pumpkins—always handy—and one novelty type, Jamboree, in a fetching shade of greenish-grey-blue. Some went into the seedling room, the rest, under cover in the tiny greenhouse. One more fall thing done…and it’s still SUMMER!



  1. hi, I grow some pumpkins in my garden sometimes, but they r not round ! how can I obtain these seeds?

  2. Those Jamboree pumpkins are eye catching. I think I will look into those.

  3. Jeff

    I followed your site when you first started a while back… then you must have gotten busy with stuff and didn’t post for a period of time.  I returned just a few days ago to see you are making regular posts again.  Glade to see your back.. I enjoy all your information and work!  Thanks for what you do and who you are!


  4. lindsay

    I want to say thank you! To you and all of the farmers, bloggers, enthusiasts that are dedicated to make the future a more holistic place. I am a university student, and lately I am amazed with all of the activists working individually and collectively to create innovate ways to a brighter future. Your bright, orange pumpkins are beautiful! 
    I have made a short video to thank organic farmers and I hope you enjoy: 

  5. Thanks Jeff, happy to hear that :)

  6. I’ve never heard of the Jamboree variety before – I might have to investigate. Some interesting finds here – thank you.

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