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Tiny eggplant

Tiny eggplant

Tiny eggplants—this one’s about 1″ (2.5cm) long—are appearing on a few plants, also, tiny peppers! I’m not sure what this is about, heat stress, maybe, although it hasn’t been that hot. And the seedlings weren’t old, oversized, or root-bound when transplanted—no great STRESS all around (unusually stressful situations seem to make plants, like people, do odd things). As far as I can tell, conditions this year, from seed starting on, haven’t been overall different from in the past, so why all this early, TINY, flowering and fruiting? I’ve seen this when plants were left too long in small pots and…miniaturized, but that wasn’t the case for these guys. It doesn’t worry me so far, but I’ll check into it. Meanwhile, off they come, and then, well, as usual, we’ll see what happens next!

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