Seed starts here…

Seed chest

This is where everything but the bulky seed goes, and the season starts here. It’s just a big plastic tool chest, with a ziploc bag full of seed packets for each crop. But it’s REALLY the heart and soul of the entire farm, and more so, because there are dozens of small packets of “gotta try this sometime” varieties and specialty crops on top of staple varieties in larger quantities. There’s a whole lotta seed in there. Bigger seed, like corn, beans, peas, and bulk stuff, like buckwheat and clover, have their own plastic jugs.

Winter wonderland

Snow in January!

A corner of the veggie field. Yep, it definitely looks like winter out there. The snow is only a few inches deep, but the subzero days and nights are in the forecast for at least the next couple of weeks. Even after the exceptionally mild winter of last year, who would’ve guessed that daily weather watching to see whether wintery conditions would hold would be as normal as looking out for that first taste of spring?

Still alive? Not quite well


Rosemary, potted in the Autumn from the herb beds, has taken a bit of beating and probably not survived. It’s weathered several intensely cold nights already, out here in the unheated greenhouse, and I kinda wanted to see if they could make it through the winter. What a difference last night made, not colder than any others, it’s probably the night after night that got ’em. Well, inside they go to see if there’ll be any miraculous recoveries.

Last of the carrots

Last carrots from last year

A bushel of carrots, a mix of Nelson, Napoli and Danvers Half Long (mostly Danvers showing on top), fresh out of the ground. These were gleaned from the last carrot beds of 2006. A bit of winter’s been forecast beginning tonight, so I dug ’em up before the snow. If the prediction’s on point, we’re in for at least a couple of weeks of subzero days and nights. Normal wintery weather for around here. At last!