Bicycle commute

Bicycles for the farm commute

There’s talking about biking-not-driving, and then there’s doing it! :) Today, Tracy, Andrea and I all made it in on two wheels with feet doing their stuff. It’s not a hard ride, about 30 minutes each way, Tracy a little closer, and mostly on pleasant bike trails. Fun on a beautiful, sunny summer’s day. Still, even after last season’s driving adventures, commuting to the farm is new, unusual and…bothersome, the way it limits the farm day. At least, by biking, the commute has a payoff, a daily one-hour workout that’s not just exercise for its own sake, it actually has a higher purpose!

Water, water, everywhere…

Irrigation: setting up water pipe in the field

It’s getting dry! A few parts of the field are still wet below the surface, but most of it has gone from pretty well waterlogged a month ago, to dry a couple of inches down, and there’s no rain in sight. The forecast is for heat and sun for the next week at least, with a 60% chance of “showers” on just one day—no holding breath for that. So it’s time to think about spot irrigation.

Step 1, finished this afternoon, is to run a water pipe from the well right through the L-shaped garden. Our watering methods are quite slow and labor-intensive, by hand and with soaker hoses, but on the upside, there’s no huge volume requirement , so the 1″ black plastic pipe already on hand will do fine.  Part of the line was already set up, and I added the last 200′ today, for a total of length of about 800′. Taps with quick release connectors are spaced along the line:  just  plug in a hose as close as possible to where you want to go, drag it out, and there you have it, a little water…everywhere.