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Bicycle commute

Bicycles for the farm commute

There’s talking about biking-not-driving, and then there’s doing it! :) Today, Tracy, Andrea and I all made it in on two wheels with feet doing their stuff. It’s not a hard ride, about 30 minutes each way, Tracy a little closer, and mostly on pleasant bike trails. Fun on a beautiful, sunny summer’s day. Still, even after last season’s driving adventures, commuting to the farm is new, unusual and…bothersome, the way it limits the farm day. At least, by biking, the commute has a payoff, a daily one-hour workout that’s not just exercise for its own sake, it actually has a higher purpose!



  1. Elaine

    I’ve tried this! Unfortunately, my work is 17 miles away, so I can only do it occasionally. Good luck! :)

  2. My husband always preaches that integrating exercise and especially bicycling into daily life is the best way to exercise at all- with a mission. Getting somewhere or accomplishing something is the best way to succeed or progress.

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