Carrots, next up!

Second planting of carrots

We’re just starting on the second planting of carrots, and green onions as well. It’s the standard four rows (200’/61m) to a bed, which goes a long way. Depending on thinning, and of course, the weather and amount of irrigation, anywhere from one to two feet of a single row of carrots makes up a 1-2 lb bunch, so that’s 100-200 bunches per bed. Here, it’s Nelson, Purple Haze and Touchon, with Ramrod onions up in the corner, and another bed of Nelson out of sight to the right. Once they work through germination and tiny seedlings being eaten issues, carrots around here are a carefree, low maintenance garden veg, a pleasure to host (and munch)!


2 thoughts on “Carrots, next up!”

  1. Marc: No, I haven’t gotten to the stage of custom prepping the soil for specific crops (beyond adding a scoopful of compost when doing some transplants), the whole garden gets more or less the same treatment! Carrots don’t benefit from over-fertilization, and in our quite heavy clay-loam soil, they don’t seem to require much water either. The only problems are the usual ones of germination and pests on the seedlings, both of which aren’t severe right here. Knock on wood!!

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