View from the north end of the field

View from the other end

View from the north end of the field

A view from the north end of the market garden field, the reverse angle of a couple of days ago and a relatively rare perspective for me. Although the crops are on a 7-year rotation that marches them from here towards the barn, I still tend to spend more time down around the greenhouse-Milkhouse end, no matter what’s growing where. Today, I’m once again checking things out as fall clean-up proceeds in pieces. The nearest section is the new addition, recently cleared of squash, pumpkins, cucumbers and melons, and the raccoon-fated corn just out of sight on the left. After one season, it’s a little overgrown with grass, but not bad. Next year, this will be beans!


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  1. (Not sure that my blog software is doing trackbacks properly, so…) I was intrigued by your mention that “crops are on a 7-year rotation”. You’re the only person apart from myself that I’ve ever heard of using such a long rotation scheme, wondered what your scheme is, and decided to describe my own 7-year rotation scheme along with some of the reasoning. I would love to compare and contrast! ;-)

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