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A little winter rain…

Warm and wet

Just when all the cold was getting a bit monotonous, we get some crazy weather changes to keep things interesting. By late morning, the packed snow on paths had turned to ice and puddles. Today was the first of two days forecast to be “unseasonaby warm,” with rain and 50°F+ (10°C+) daytime temperatures. By tomorrow, most of the snow will be gone… The day after, it’s back to double-digit subzero and…more snow! Meanwhile, this morning I was happily sliding around outside in a T-shirt and shirt…!



  1. Yes, the weather’s equally bizarre here in Minnesota.  Near 30 today after two nights at -20 (not counting the wind chill factor).  Take care, and Happy New Year!

  2. Steve Mudge

    They’re talking 77 degs tomorrow in North Texas, freezing rain Monday morning–what a rollercoaster!

  3. We are all just puppets being manipulated by the weather’s whims!  Enjoy your cold, snow, warm, rain, and ice, lol!   Kim

  4. Yipes! That’s some crazy weather.  Its been nutty in CT too, with swings between 65, 16, 40, and 20 degree F weather all in about 10 days or less.  I wonder if this is a new weather trend that is here to stay? Be safe on the ice though.

  5. Are you just trying to prove weather like life is a roller coaster ride?   I think I know it but always seem to be surprised when I see what rise I stood in line for…

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