Mid-February melt-off

Mid-February melt-off

It rained steadily, on and off, all day yesterday, through the night and still today, with the temperature a couple of degrees above zero. In other words, cold, gray, wet, miserable, and also perfect for removing vast quantities of snow. The 2-3′ of coverage in the field is gone. It’s still cold, though, and back to sub-zero tomorrow, so no giant warm blast of spring just yet, only an easy way to the greenhouse to clean stuff out. Great timing!


3 thoughts on “Mid-February melt-off”

  1. What a lot of work. And fun. We are still under snow and frozen solid, but spring’s a coming. We grow most of our veggies in 50 sets of logging truck tires so will be able to plant some time in April. Good luck on the transplant to the new place..

  2. Oh, I’m familiar with that weather! We’ll have it in about two to three weeks here in Uppsala. If you have the possibility to stay inside with a cup of tea and a book it’s great. If not you just wish you had got a heated wet suit with a face mask to keep you completely shielded from the rain and the wind. I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll get some sun soon.

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