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Allie’s photo gallery

Bull's Blood beet

Without much thought, I handed visiting Allie my camera and let her take pictures around the farm. After she’d disappeared from sight, I did start wondering if the camera—500 bucks to replace—was safe. But if this six-year-old can, just from watching, efficiently harvest sweet potatoes with a digging fork about as tall as she is, she should be able to handle a point-and-shoot, right?! Right! First, I showed her what button to press to take a photo. A few pics later, I showed her how to use the autofocus (“point at whatever, hold the button down halfway till it beeps, wait till the rectangle turns green, then push all the way!”). That went well, so I showed her when and how to switch between normal and macro mode (“turn the dial when you want to shoot up close”), which is how she shot the Bulls Blood beet (above). Wow, that was easy!

Michelle preps beets

She took around 40 photos in all. Above, mom Michelle rinsing beets, below, her little sister Violet, with carrot. Kids, digital technology, and the field…all part of the TFE! (Guest photos by Allie)

Violet with carrot



  1. Katie

    I love the point of view of a 6 year old.  That second picture is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. willing hands organic farm

    I too find a child’s perspective of interest.  If you get a chance post some more of her shots.


  3. Great pictures. Yes, I’d love to see more pictures she took as well.
    You are braver then me. I let my older son, now 12, take some shots around nine or ten, and still get nervous. I haven’t handed the camera to the five year old yet – but I thought about it, since it is really cool to see how they see the world, what’s important to them. But I haven’t yet. And I don’t even have a $500.- camera. Just a Kodak DX3500. Special enough. After reading this post, I think I will. You are right, when they can handle basic tools  correcty, in spite of the inappropriate size, then they can probably handle a camera. Guess I didn’t want to make that connection – you just made my little one’s day…. Thanks for that- and thanks for sharing your life. Love the blog

  4. Nice pics, maybe you should hire her! She has a great eye. But then, those are nice veggies too.

  5. I just found your blog.  Fantastic!  :o)

  6. some people are just born with a good eye…
    great pics.

  7. Keep that kid’s picture comming. She has more talent in her 6 year old body than many a Fellow of the esteemed Royal Photographic Society!
    No… really! I mean it. Maken sure that kid gets her own camera for Christmas!!!!!!! She’s good.

  8. This is really great! I hope you are writing a book about your experiences. I am a Baby Boomer and have been reading about organic gardening since before you were born, but I always enjoy new stories. We’ve gardened orgaincally since 1966 and still have many of the old-time magazines (starting with Issue 3 of The Mother Earth News). I wish you continued success both with your blog and your wonderful lifestyle.

    Edith in Locust Grove, GA

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