The incredible shrinking harvest!

Baby cabbage

The Friday harvest is shrinking. This is the second to last of the year, and the last for CSA members, and we’re down to mainly root veggies. Some of the last cabbage planting has firmed up, and we’re picking them as “baby,” about 1-2 lbs (450-900g) each (multiplanted, the yield is good, the size really convenient for cooking, and the taste quite fantastic). And there are beets, carrots, parsnips, plus onions, garlic and other storage crops. And some lettuce… As the harvest gets shorter, so do the days, and I’m out rinsing beets and carrots after dark once again. Try not to get wet when it’s COLD…!

Rinsing carrots at night

6 thoughts on “The incredible shrinking harvest!”

  1. Beautiful cabbage photo, I enjoyed photographing my cabbage and when it came time to harvest it a critter of the night got to it before me :-(

    I keep missing your post. I have added a blog link list on my blog that cycles the links to the newest posts. You must draft your post and then don’t change to the current date then you never make it to the top.

  2. great picture..made me hungry for cabbage! I use foxgloves under rubber gloves to survive the cold and wet. Couldn’t survive that raw cold!

  3. Sad to hear the last CSA harvest is coming up. As inadvertantfarmer says, planning is the next season. Perhaps you get a well-needed rest before this. My CSA (near Boston) has two more monthly distributions!

  4. wonderful photos.  It has been several years since I was part of a CSA, but volunteering there was a great education.  Though it was sad to see the season dwindle, it was also easier to eat all the veggies.  Best of luck at your farm.


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