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Veggies growing

From the left: green onions, carrots, mesclun, snap beans, potatoes… After back-to-back frost warnings for the last two nights, the sun is shining, the air is warm, conditions have returned to reasonable, veggies are growing. Overnight, the min/max thermometer in the field went down to -1°C, but only a few rows of beans were slightly burnt by cold. Meanwhile, 25 miles away where we dropped off some greens today, the pond had frozen over solid and a kitchen veggie garden was completely toasted. Lucky us!



  1. I find it so weird: You’re almsot officially in Summer, while we’re in late Autumn; You’re still experiencing below-zero temps, I’m planting Winter Onions, Cabbages, Brocolli, Caulis, Peas and Broadbeans. I know, I know, the Earth’s round and all that, but still… I guess that’s one of the things that’s so cool about the ‘net — it allows us to share the wild differences and become less insular.

  2. Mike: I had exactly the same feeling a couple of months back while reading some gardening stuff on your blog! I think when you read about things you’re intimately, physically familiar with and totally caught up in, like…growing food, it makes things more visceral, real(?), than just knowing facts like, hey, summer here is winter there. I felt for a moment as if you were literally in a mirror world…except, I haven’t seen any RATELS around here. Yikes! :)

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