Big egg

Big egg

Every few days, at two dozen a day, along comes one very big egg. It’s hard to see with the chipped paint on the old egg scale, but these big guys take it right off the chart. Beyond measurement by this technology. Poor girls (I think, or maybe not). They’re too big to fit into extra-large egg cartons, they won’t let the cartons close, so I put ’em aside and eat them. They’re pretty big, fat eggs!


9 thoughts on “Big egg”

  1. Dang, that’s a big one!  I have taken to weighing our girls’ eggs also, mostly because I’m a baker and sometimes I have to adjust the number of eggs in a recipe due to size variation.  Pretty fun.  I am eternally hopeful that the big ones do not cause them discomfort.  Ahem.

  2. I just LOVE that egg measuring machine! with the growth in the number of people keeping chickens now, I bet you could manufacture and sell those like hotcakes! A great Christmas prezzie!

  3. Egg Trays are often called filler trays and usually hold 30 eggs. Eggs are either sold uncovered in the tray or labeled and wrapped with plastic film.

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