Cold-weather harvest

Harvesting peppers and eggplant from under row cover

Some days now, the temperature is in the +/-20°C (50°F) range, and nights hover around the freezing point—not that cold, but comparatively so when other days shoot up to summery highs. I’m now keeping the row cover permanently on the eggplant and peppers, they’re no longer out there to grow—not enough sun—the field is now simply a convenient storage system. Picking from under cover, pulling back only as much as necessary, we take what we need for and leave the rest. There’s probably two more week’s worth of sweet and hot peppers, and at least another week of baby eggplant to go after today…

Choosing pumpkins

Bundling up a bit kinda seems to be the general choice. Libby and Lynn are in winter outerwear mode, down to insulated rubber boots, while Toshiko, who finds it colder here than at home in Japan, keeps warm with layers. Seasons change…

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  1. I live in Utah. We received light frost on the windshields over the last few days. My bell peppers plants received enough frost to start to wilt the leaves, but the fruit still is firm and looks great. Are peppers still safe to eat after the plant has had a frost?

    I have heard that tomatoes are not safe to eat even if they look good after a frost. Is this a wives tale or fact?


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