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Digging up potatoes

Digging potatoes

There’s still about 1,000′ of potatoes to dig, a few Yukon Gold, lots of Kennebec, and maybe a bed of Chieftain. This time around, it’s a bit of an unconventional approach. Some beds were kinda…weedy, so a week back, I mowed them all down. Now, the trick is to find the rows. Once a couple of plants are located, I run twine between stakes at either end to mark the row for easier digging. Michele and Toshiko were today’s crew, with young Violet checking things out. Simple fieldwork for a pleasantly cool fall day…



  1. We just dug up our potatoes too. It is wonderful eating something homegrown.

    We just loved your greenhouse so we built one of our own. I would love for you to stop by and take a look.  We would also love any suggestions on how to make it better or how to make better use of it.


  2. This year, for the first time, we grew Chieftains…we were really impressed with them!  We found them very moist, just delicious….

    I think it’s great that you’ve got young kiddies coming out to the Garden…they won’t forget those wonderful times :) Maybe they are future gardeners….


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