Cut flowers arrive

Zinnia flower bud

Zinnias bloom! At least, a few varieties are starting, along with many of the other cut flowers in this year’s trial bed. Much of last year’s first trial bed wound up worse for the wear after drought and infrequent weeding. This year, I tripled the amount of the same flower selection, about a dozen direct-seeded annuals, divided into two sections.


With all of the rain and and more attention, they’re doing a lot better…

Cut flower bed

5 thoughts on “Cut flowers arrive”

  1. Can’t remember how I found your blog, but I bookmarked it, and this is my second trip back.  I think what you’re doing is fascinating, and your blog is very nice.

    Oh, how I would love to have a whole section for cutting! I love zinnias.  I started growing them a few years ago from seeds a local gardener gave me, and now I’m hooked. :)


  2. I just stumbled across this blog while searching for young farmer-type blogs — and the wealth of information you have here is amazing… thanks!  Question:  would you consider yourself a Greenhorn?  (Don’t know if you’re familiar with this movement; in America especially, a growing — no pun intended — number of young college grads are heading back to the land instead of to desk jobs.)  Or was farming something you came to after a “former life” in the city?  Sorry if this answer is available somewhere on this blog; I’ve just begun to explore…

  3. Annie: No, I’m not planning to sell flowers this year. It’s just a trial. CSA members who drop by the farm are free to cut ’em.

    Lynda: No, I’m not a, um, Greenhorn, I came to farming after a “former life in the city.” It was quite a change. :)


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