Flowers galore

More zinnias

The flower sections have pretty well taken off over the last month, with the several beds of zinnias (above, directly below) offering up the biggest splash of color. We’re not harvesting the flowers, this season is a trial run, but they get regularly cut by everyone working in the field, and by a couple of CSA members, so they’re not out of control or going to waste. Besides, they’re pretty to look at, right there at the bottom of the field…


Since we’re not harvesting, I’m really not learning much about the world of cut flowers, beyond the growing. There’s lots of detail, like exactly when to cut for maximum vase life, and where to cut on multi-flowered plants. Right now I’m somehow not focussed on learning cut flower stuff that I don’t have an immediate, practical use for. So I just watch and enjoy…


Lavatera has broken out in the last couple of weeks.


And sunflowers are in fine form (this variety’s called Sunrich Pro)…!

6 thoughts on “Flowers galore”

  1. The flowers look great. I think you are missing a revenue opportunity by not harvesting bunches and offering them at the market. I think they will be a hit.

    Alternatively, include a bunch in your CSA baskets. I’m sure this will be appreciated, but may raise expectations for next year.

    BTW. Thanks for your blog. It’s inspiring to me as a backyard veggie grower to see how you do it.

  2. Welcome to cut flower production!  I’ve been handling it on our (tiny) urban farm in Philadelphia for the past two seasons and it’s been immensely profitable and fulfilling.  When you are ready to learn about the details of harvesting and selling, be sure to buy (and read cover-to-cover) a copy of The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski .  It’s incredibly informative! 


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