First potatoes

First potatoes of the season: Yukon Gold

Dug up 40 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes, to see how they were doing, and for this week’s harvest shares. Not a bad haul for 50′, planted late, at the end of June, but they still have some growing to do. We’re harvesting spuds in our usual labor-intensive way, with a digging fork, then scrabbling around by hand. Slow but fun. One drawback: with newer potatoes, scraping, prying fingers can tear up those delicate skins. Here, we did pretty well.


5 thoughts on “First potatoes”

  1. Scraping, prying fingers will always be better than any mechanical means.  I have regularly harvested potatoes as part of a community school’s garden curriculum and children absolutely love it, it is the ultimate treasure hunt.  Most children love potato soup, at our community school, potato and leek soup is a regular.

  2. I’m so happy you’re posting regularly again! Stuck in the city, these little glimpses of the real life are so cheering.
    Also? Potato fruit will haunt my dreams.

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