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Dinner harvest

After a fairly lazy day in the field, half of it spent waiting for the ground to dry out a bit after an intense thunderstorm (only 15mm, though), it was off to a farm a couple of miles down the road to get some local rainbow trout for dinner. Then, a quick tour of the garden to pick the fixin’s: new potatoes (Norland, Yukon Gold), yellow and green beans (Indy Gold, Derby), summer squash (Sunburst, Flying Saucer…yes, FS), beet greens (mainly Detroit Dark Red). Nestled in by the beans, the first tomato to turn color, a Stupice, of course, not quite ready to munch, but only days away! And so, except for salt, pepper, olive oil and butter, your basic local dinner!



  1. Erin Ellenberger

    Sounds delish…although I don’t eat fish, the veggies would sustain me!

  2. Erin Ellenberger

    Oh and I CAN’T wait for tomatoes!!!

  3. Great photo– it would be perfect for a farm brochure or blown up on posterboard as a sign at farmer’s market.

  4. Amanda: Your suggestions are great. Because they’re not just my own ideas and thoughts, floating around in a dense mass in my head (or jotted on disappearing scraps of paper), I’m sure they have an extra chance of popping up right when needed! So many things to remember and follow up on, so little time… ;) Thanks!

  5. Todd

    This is really old so I’m not sure if you get updated or not..  Anyway.  I think it would be great for the blog and even the farm stand to have Photos of the finished meals.  Honestly growing up in the grocery store I have a hard time figuring out how you will prepare all of it?  Slice with oil, salt and pepper then grill? 

    We go to the farm market locally and I honestly don’t know what to do with most of the things. 

    Sad, I know.

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