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New seedling room: getting there!

New seedling room: the last wall

It’s slow and steady with the new seedling room. I’ve only managed to commute to the new farm for one or two days a week this month. It’s a little frustrating, watching the time go by, but I guess it’s good for building up energy for all the stuff to come in the next three months—meanwhile, I’m working on the garden map and other plans at the old farm end! Today, it was more building, with Bob lending his old school, all-purpose expertise, and we got a lot done. A good day! The last wall, the open one (the other three are against concrete block), is in and covered with Typar weather wrap (above). This finally makes four walls to keep a little HEAT in. Now, instead of working in subzero temperatures, we can work in the comfort of a few degrees above. It really makes a difference! So, the wall framing is done, with only the ceiling to go.

Enlarging a barn doorway

Doors and windows? One of the two doors is hung. The other one was a bit of a concern. A standard door was still a couple of inches (5cm) too high. Choices: either build a door, pay hundreds of dollars for a custom built one, OR, bash the concrete sill, made of concrete blocks filled with concrete and stones, to make the extra height. We chose option #3. It actually didn’t take too long to sledgehammer and clean with a masonry chisel, maybe half an hour, and now we have a good 6 inches (15cm) to play with. The openings for the two windows are fine, they’re framed, the windows have to be shimmed and screwed in place. Two or three more good work days, and the new seedling room will be snug enough to set up the light racks and start some onions! And leek!



  1. I’m excited to read more about your seedling room, and how you go with the starting of your plants.  How will you set up the light racks? Do you use the lights mounted to a shelf/wall or are they free standing? I am still experimenting with options and would appreciate any tips you have…

  2. Mangochild: I so can’t wait to get started with setting up, you’ll probably see a LOT of that here on the blog! For indoor seed starting, I use mainly home-built stands, you can see all the past posts on those with the tag: light rack.

  3. Art Blomquist

    It appears your situation is similar to Endako. Construction projects are for some reason left until below zero weather..We too will be building a wood heated greenhouse to get an early start..

  4. Looks like lots of fun, I love building things. I think it is the challenge that nothing ever works as planned and the trial/error along the way that I like. I just started my onions last week, a little early for southern ontario but I had to fix my gardeners itch. Can’t wait to see your seedling room in operation!

  5. This is something we could definitely do with.

    The problem is my list of  “to do’s” is too long already!

  6. Thanks for the response :-) I’m off to learn about light racks….

  7. Steve Mudge

    Make sure the concrete sill you took out wasn’t protecting the room from water entering it!  Looks like a lotta fun, a fresh start!

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