Eat good food

"Eat good food" sign

We’ve been faithfully bringing the matching pair of chalkboards to the farmers’ market since we bought them at an office supply box store in mid-summer, but it’s what to put on ’em that’s the puzzle. Today’s new message: “Eat good food”! The other one (out of sight on the left) has been a standing quote from Will Allen: “We need 50 million more people growing food, on porches, in pots, in side yards.” A little odd, perhaps, for the market? Maybe, but there they are. Promotional words on chalkboards is the plan. It’s a work in progress!

16 thoughts on “Eat good food”

  1. Do you think the messages have had an affect on your sales (positive or negative)? I’ve read that it’s a bad idea to hawk your wares at the market and I’m not sure if these signs fall within that advice?

  2. I try to make a point of going into town on Saturdays for the Ptbo market and that sign made me smile every time I saw it. Reminded me of a book – A Nation of Farmers.

  3. I have a few ideas!
    – This is the best tasting food in (insert wherever you live), or, if you prefer gross food, we have beets and turnips!
    -The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest.  Carrots can be sharpened, so buy some today!
    – Winter squash – proof that God also created evil.  For sale here.
    – We now have broccoli rabe.  If you’ve never had it, it’s like the bad smell of cooking broccoli combined with the horrible feeling you get when you’re being robbed. $3/lb.
    Hmm, reading back, it’s probably lucky for you that I’m not your sign writer :).

  4. Mike – that’s a great idea!  A small investment to boost positivity at the market.  And I’d totally be at the booth that quotes Will Allen.  :D

  5. “Sorry, we’re open.”
    “All unattended children will be given a free puppy and a shot of espresso.”
    Those ones always make me laugh.

  6. we have been organic for more than 25 years … our green  farm markrt t-shirts have our logo on the front and
    ” we were organic before organic was cool”………….with musical notes
    it’s supposed to be a play on the old country song …….

  7. Very pretty. I think your signs are just fine, as they don’t make your customers feel like you are trying to “sell”, but more as if you are trying to share, and offering up your bounty for their benefit. I would definitely come to your booth first if I saw those signs and I was at your local market!

  8. Your food looks amazing on the stall, absolutely stunning, so fresh and with different varieties.  Its hard work but looking at that must make you smile.

  9. “Our vegetables are now 83% beef free!”
    That line should go a long way towards bringing in the vegans, and yet still give you ample legal coverage in case you accidentally throw a T-bone in with a customer’s purchase.  I know that you’re thinking ‘it could never happen’, but as they say, ‘an ounce of prevention…’ I forget the rest.  I’m pretty sure that the original quote deals with the legal problems associated with vegetables and meat though.


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