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Fields of plenty

Field in early August

This is a great time of year, with everything growing, the sun high and strong, and still a good two months of prime harvest to come.



  1. Melanie J.

    Whoa! Serious cup-runneth-over shot! So beautiful!!!

  2. offgrid

    Wish I was doing that full time….. in the mean time I’m working in the government and looking for 10 acres to eventually go offgrid – about 300 km East of Toronto (Rideau Lakes system) I’ll also do some Organic gardening – to eat ! Can’t beat it.

  3. What a great site! I love knowing that 2 acres of land can support a family.
    Though it helps if the acres are flat and fertile. You GO!

  4. Jaco

    Thanks for this wonderfull Blog you are truly an inspiration for me.
    Small scale farming has got me hooked.
    Greetings from Cape-Town, South-Africa

  5. That looks wonderful! I envy you the large, flat, arable area! Your adventure sounds similar to mine (see: and like you, I am now more ‘into it’ than ever! In fact, the more I read/learn about conventional agriculture and its abhorrent practices, the stronger is my commitment to raising my own food.
    Here’s to kindred spirits and your valiant efforts!

  6. Dale in Spokane

    Your blog is very inspiring!  I am slowing turninga 1/3 acre city lot (with houes, shed, etc.) into a place of peace and gardening.  Even with this tiny bit of land, I find myself constantly busy in the summer.  Thanks for your rotation sequence and other fine tidbits of information.  It saves me hours of research on my own.
    Please keep up the good work.

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