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Garlic check-in


Yep, the garlic is growing steady, unfazed by 25°C/77°F days tumbling to sub-freezing nights, still apparently unappetizing to deer in spite of their almost unnaturally healthy green standout glow against the hay and straw mulch. Very nice! The difference between larger cloves, planted in the middle bed, and the smaller ones on either side, set up by Tracy and Jesse, is still quite noticeable. We’ll see how they catch up.



  1. The garlic looks like it’s growing really well – when do you harvest it? Great site by the way – lots of great stuff here!

    • I’m not sure anymore. Used to be starting around the middle of July… :)

  2. With the straw and hay in the background it does look quite edible for the deer I would think. Maybe the deer are worried about having bad breathe! lol.

  3. I specially like pickle of Garlic and your Garlic is growing well..

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