Grass fire across the road

Grassfire and firemen

Someone in the village burning junk in their backyard set off a grass fire that spread across a field and threatened to burn down the barn and house across the road. I missed the flames, and took a look as the firefighters were mopping up. I’m somewhat aware that, lately, a good part of the planet is on fire at any given moment, but this was the first time I’ve seen any sort of fire damage first-hand, outside of buildings and stuff in cities. What struck me was the unexpected, forbidding BLACKNESS of the charred ground, like a black hole sucking in all the light, looking like it could spread and swallow up…everything (I’m sure spreading flames are a lot scarier)… Interesting. With the dry weather, there’s a burn ban on in the region (I haven’t yet heard the full story on the unfortunate firestarter…he or she must be fined into oblivion…). On this side of the road, the predecessor to the big barn I’m in right now was accidentally burned down in 1949, and these days, we do have a burn barrel, but I don’t think much about fire day to day: only burn on wet, non-windy days, always put the grate on the barrel, don’t take any sort of fire or drive gas vehicles (like the riding mower) into the barn (apparently, gas engines can spark, hay and straw dust is extremely flammable, diesel’s OK)… That’s about it. Still, another thing to keep an eye on. On the farm, it’ll probably take more than a handy fire extinguisher if things get burning…

Grass fire: origin

It started here…

Grass fire: spread

…and spread…

Grass fire across a field

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  1. Thankfully I’ve never been effected by forest:bush fires such as they have in California and Australia but I once witnessed a fire in the corn field next to where I lived.  It wasn’t a particularly windy day but the fire raced across the field at such a rate I worried that if my cats were in the field they wouldn’t be able to outrun it.  Very frightening.
    I hadn’t though about the possibility of the ride-on mower sparking – time for me to find new home for the mower I think!


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